MOSTIC T-shirt Designs

This is colloection of the work I did while working with mostic as an intern.

These are some of the t-shirt designs I worked on while I was intern at Mostic. The idea was to take the Mostic logo and apply a similar look and feel to band t-shirts as well as the graphic elements as old skate t-shirts. As you can see a few of them where taken to the computer to tighten up and add color. All of the illustrations where done in illustrator.
Heart and Vesslles.
We also tired line work version these are the few that we thought worked the best.
The original sketch. 
The Mummie
The simplified mummie now with eyes also.
Working with the name and exploring hand drawn type.
It was asked to  do a mech. type for the name.
Taking the logo and making it really tribal with only one color. 
What if the logo was made of shoe laces?
This is a design I did with this mech or bue print like asthetic. This was one of the  t-shirt brought to full production. you can find it here
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