This project works with cymatics and the typeface univers.

This is a project I did for school. We were asked to make an abstract typography book.This book needed to communicate the basics of typography to someone who doesn't know them. Then we were told that this needed to be as much of a peice of art as it was teaching tool.
So for this a project I decided to do a subject that I have been interested in for a while. This is the
field of cymatics. This field of science is the study of sound and its interaction with matter, i.e. solids and fluids. I worked typoraphy in it by using the typeface univers. This is because it uses numbers two indicate weights. I then used these numbers to correspond to the frequency of the sound 55 roman = 55hz. From there I got a cheap speaker and made some non-newtonian fluid (cornstrach and water) and played the tones through the speaker while taking pictures of the patterns made in the fluid. Then I took the pictures and traced the voids to get the patterns using illustrator. From there I used them to explain typographic rules in a fun and
interesting way.
This is a snapshot of my expirement spread.
Snapshot of my wieghts and pattens page.
This is my weights and patterns spread.
This is a snapshot of my first title spread.
These are snapshots of my glyphs spread.
These are all my spreads for my book.
The expirement box.
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